3D Puzzle Instructions

Before you start, you will need:

– A craft knife,

– PVA glue (glue suitable for card or paper),

– A small wooden tool which will be used in helping press the pieces together, for example the blunt end of a pencil or popsicle stick.

It may also help to have a cutting mat and ruler.


Please be aware, there are difficult assembly points. This is a challenging 3D puzzle, and some of the pieces can be tricky to assemble.

If you reach a point, where you cannot go any further, don’t worry. Some teeth on most of the pieces can be trimmed, helping you to insert them easier.

This is only recommended if you are really struggling.


This will not affect the final outcome of The Simian if done correctly.


Ok so now you are ready to begin!

The figure is divided in 9 parts

Recommended building sequence: I-C-D-E-F-G-H-B-A

Place your cursor over the image to see each individual section

Or check out each part separately

Part A

89 pieces

Part B

85 pieces

Part C

66 pieces

Part D

66 pieces

Part E

49 pieces

Part F

49 pieces

Part G

54 pieces

Part H

54 pieces

Part I

34 pieces

You can also watch below how the pieces of PART I are assembled

If the connectors are too tight to insert, you can very lightly shave the material away using your craft knife. It is also possible to use a very fine sandpaper.

Be sure not to trim too much away, by testing the fitting regularly so that the parts won’t become too loose. Before this procedure please allow time for the glue to completely dry, I would recommend at least 24hs. 

And if you need some extra tips or help building it, please don’t hesitate to contact me!